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Business License Online Renewal

Business Licenses expire on June 30th annually. Business license must be renewed by July 31st to avoid penalities.

For Short-Term Rental Accommodation only: If you are operating a Short-Term Rental, you must notify your neighbors in writing or post a sign provided by the Department of Finance. If you choose to notify your neighbors in writing, a completed Affidavit of Public Notification is required with this renewal.

Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC CODE) Requirement: You will be asked to provide a primary Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC CODE) during the renewal process. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are numerical codes that categorize the industries that companies belong to base on business activities.

To find your SIC code, you can type in a KEYWORD (i.e contractor, retail trade, manufacturing, sales, etc.) for your business type. After you type in the keyword, you will have to wait a for the system to run and then you can select from the dropdown list OR you can visit

After completing the online renewal process, to receive your new business license in the mail.
Enter the characters in the picture below.
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Account #
Enter your business license account number. This number can be found on your renewal form in the upper right section.
Enter your online Web PIN number. Your PIN number can be found on your renewal form in the upper right corner near your account number. Click here to have the PIN emailed to the primary contact's email on file.